What a grand Mothers Day weekend I shared with my Mom and other family members. We stayed one night in a cabin at the state park. They have just started making the 4 cabins available for to rent. The best part is, the park is only 45 minutes to an hour from Sonora. We took a wonderful 5 mile hike through the big trees. They are the Sequoia Gigantica and they are magnificent. The Dogwood was in full bloom, abundant and what a sight to see. I would recommend highly if even for a day trip. Be advised there is no internet or cell service at this time. We did find a good restaurant in Arnold where we had breakfast and we cooked a wonderful meal in our cabin in the evening. On our return we had a delicious Mothers Day brunch to complete ou special day. Oh and we shared gifts after brunch.

Be sure you take a road trip to Claveras Big Trees when you have the opportunity.