It's the Dog Days of Summer!!

Summertime is here and we are experiencing hot weather! Our friends the rattle snacks love this weather and are roaming around so be on the lookout. They are mostly active from April to October.
Here are some do’s and don’ts regarding these slippery characters.
Do not go barefoot or wear sandals when walking in wild areas or even in your backyard.
Do not grab for anything that looks like a stick when swimming, they can swim.
They can be found in rivers, on golf courses, parks and lakes. So be aware.
If you or someone else is bitten by any type of snake, keep still; keep the bite below the level of the heart. Also notice the color if you see it so you can describe later when you receive medical attention.
Recommended by the American Red Cross, immediately after receiving a bite wash the area with clean water and soap. After immobilizing get the victim to an emergency room or other medical facility to receive the anti-venom.
The main thing is not to touch, pester or tease the snake and it will no doubt flee the scene.

Be Aware!