Good morning! It is a beautiful sunny day in Sonora CA. Real estate is booming and life is great.

Today I will speak to you on the pros of holding an open house for real estate agents, called a Broker Tour. I feel this is really good for you as a seller. The exposure assists in finding the appropriate buyer for your home. As you are aware the listing agent isn’t always the selling agent. This is how real estate agents cooperate together for the benefit of both the seller and the buyer. When your real estate agent holds a broker tour she will invite all of the agents in the area to view the property. No doubt she will offer some enticements such as food and prizes. It is very possible that 20 - 30 agents will preview your home. Look how many perspective buyers you may attract. The agents also give feedback on the price; curb appeal, condition, location, floor plan, and amenities. These remarks are then presented to you the seller to consider if some adjustments need to be made. You as a seller may see then that the price may be on the high side or perhaps it’s time to spruce up the yard. Maybe ask your agent to hold a broker tour for you or if your home isn’t listed now then give me a call. I will be happy to assist you with your real estate needs. The Sierra Foothills our my specialty and area.